Relationship between Student Motivation Practices and Retention in Public Secondary Schools in Kisii County, Kenya

  • Lamech Siko Ongige; Prof. Frederick B. J.A. Ngala; Dr. Betty J. Tikoko
Keywords: Student Motivation Practices, Principals, Retention rate, Public Secondary Schools


The study aimed to establish the relationship between student motivation practices and students retention in public secondary schools in Kisii County, Kenya. The study was guided by Vroom's expectancy and McGregor's X and Y theories. A conceptual framework involving the variables under investigation was drawn at the end of the literature review. The survey research design was employed in conducting the study. The study was conducted in Kisii County. The target population was 354 Public Secondary Schools with a population of 115,683 composed of Principals, Deputy Principals, Students and School Head Cooks. A sample of 35 Public Secondary Schools was selected for the study using a Multi-stage sampling technique. The study sample was 525 respondents comprised of 420 students, 35 Deputy Principals, 35 Principals and 35 Head Cooks. Questionnaires, document analysis and interview schedules were used in data collection. Reliability of the instruments was tested using split-half technique and Spearman-Brown prophecy formula. A coefficient of 0.8 in both the students’ and Deputy Principals’ questionnaires was obtained. Inferential and descriptive statistics were used in analysing quantitative data, while qualitative data was analyzed thematically. From the findings, there was a strong and positive correlation between student motivation practices and retention in public secondary schools (r=.717). Tables, pie charts, bar graphs and textual forms were used in presenting the findings. This study was significant because it provides new knowledge on how secondary school principals can improve student management practices to improve student retention.