Effect of Women Economic Empowerment on Family Stability in Imenti North Sub-County, Kenya

  • Wanga Patrick Wambunya; Prof. Ndung’u J. B Ikenye; Dr. Enos Mukadi Barasa
Keywords: economic empowerment, family stability, counseling, self-esteem


This study focused on the effect of economic empowerment for women on family stability among families in Imenti North Sub-County. This study used the quantitative method for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data. The descriptive design helped to describe, explain and validate the findings. The data collected was both primary and secondary data by use of a questionnaire. Data from questionnaires was analyzed using the descriptive techniques and inferential statistics with the help of data analysis software -Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS version 21). The study found out that a majority of the career women were working full-time and they have been engaged in their careers for a period of 5-10 years. Economic empowerment of women was found to reduce their reliance on their husbands and be able to take care of their needs and enjoy their rights. However, it was reported that there are instances of arguments among spouses over finances. Career women should seek professional counselling services to equip them with adequate skills of managing psychological stress emanating from their careers as well as family commitments. This will help them deal with the situations, thus reducing occurrences of depression and extreme stress that would lead to health complications as well as family stability.