Effects of Family Financial Management on Marital Stability of Persons in Lanet/Umoja Ward in Nakuru-North Sub-County, Nakuru County

  • Waruiru Nancy; Ndung’u J. B. Ikenye; Enos Barasa Mukadi
Keywords: Marital Stability, Family Financial Management, family therapy


This study investigated the effects of Family financial management on marital stability of married persons in Lanet/ Umoja Ward in Nakuru-North Sub-County, Nakuru County. The study used the theories of Functioning Family Systems mainly by Murray Bowen, which focuses on patterns that develop in families in order to defuse anxiety. A target population of 498 married persons was randomly selected featuring those who have been in marriage for ten years or less. A smaller sample of 50 married persons (representing 10%) was randomly extracted. Descriptive statistics were used to describe how the dependent variable related to the independent variables in terms of percentages.  The study indicated that management of family finances significantly affected marital stability. This is because some married persons dedicate most of their time in pursuit of wealth and in the process, literally forget their families. They seek to invest for their family at the expense of investing in their families. The study recommends that spouses intending to get married should undertake premarital counseling regarding financial management to guarantee marital stability.