Examining Teachers’ Role in the Development and Implementation of Curriculum Support Materials in Secondary School Curricula in Kenya

  • Dr Lydia Kanake Kobiah Kabarak University, Kenya
Keywords: Teachers Voice, Curriculum Support Materials, Curriculum Implementation, Secondary School Curriculum


This study's purpose was to establish teachers’ views towards their involvement in the choice and development of curriculum support materials and implementation of the secondary school curriculum in Kenya. The study involved 342 secondary school teachers and employed a descriptive survey research design. Data from principals and teachers was collected using an interview schedule and questionnaires, respectively. Analysis of the collected data was carried out using inferential and descriptive statistics. The study's findings showed that there existed a statically significant relationship between teachers’ views on their involvement in the choice and development of curriculum support materials for secondary school curriculum. However, teachers’ voice in the process of developing curriculum support materials was at the minimum: to a small extent (M=1.97). The study recommends that teachers who are key curriculum implementers should be engaged in planning and developing the curriculum in all stages for effective curriculum delivery in schools. KICD (Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development) should lay better strategies to involve teachers in the curriculum development process. The findings of this study will, hopefully, supplement government efforts directed towards the improvement of curriculum delivery in Kenyan secondary schools.