Analysing the Extent of ICT Implementation and Use in the Administration of School Records in Kajiado County, Kenya

  • Katitia Melita David; Florence Oruta; Edward Tanui
Keywords: Administration, ICT, Public Secondary school, Implementation


The purpose of this study was to analyse the extent of ICT implementation and use in the administration of school records in Kajiado County, Kenya. Descriptive survey design was used. The target population was 61 public secondary schools’ principals, 1220 teachers, 610 students, 25 ICT teachers, 6 Sub-county Directors of Education and 1 County Director of Education in Kajiado County. The sample size for this study was 18 principals, 366 teachers, 8 ICT teachers, 183 students, 2 Sub-county Directors of Education and 1 County Director of Education. This study used questionnaires administered to Principals, teachers and ICT coordinators, observation schedules and interview schedule administered to the students, Sub-county Directors of Education and the County Director of Education as tools for data collection. The pilot test was done in schools with similar characteristics to those sampled through random sampling. All the respondents were seven principals of public secondary schools. Validity was determined by pre-testing of data collection tools while reliability through test-retest method. Cronbach alpha was used to test the internal reliability of the measurement instrument. Drop and pick methodology was adopted for data collection. The findings showed that use and implementation ICT in school administration in Kajiado County was very low. The study concluded that most schools in Kajiado County had not embraced ICT in various areas of administration. Therefore, the study recommends that proper technology should be put in place by purchasing of the required ICT facilities in schools to enhance management of schools using the current technology.