Effects of Inaccessibility of Sanitary pads on Academic Performance of Girls in Primary Schools in Njoro Sub-County

  • Wambui Alice; Charles Nyamwaya; Kimani Njoroge
Keywords: Inaccessibility, Sanitary pads, Academic performance, Primary schools.


The purpose of this study was to analyse the effects of inaccessibility of sanitary pads on the academic performance of girls in primary schools in Njoro Sub-County. The survey targeted girls in primary schools in Njoro sub-county. Primary school girls do not do well in academic performance and also do not participate fully in school activities, and so the study sought to find out the causes for this. A descriptive survey design was applied in the study. Questionnaires and Focus Group Discussions (FGD) were used to collect data from the girls and female teachers. The target population was 4595 class 6-8 girls in Njoro Sub –County and 858 female teachers. A sample of 101 girls was selected for the study using simple random sampling to pick the specific girls. 87 Female teachers were sampled using purposive sampling. The data was analysed through descriptive statistics, tables and charts were also used for presentation. The conclusion was drawn from the findings and recommendation for further research was made.