Relationship between discipline cultures and students' retention in chartered christian Universities in Kenya


  • John Kiptanui Kitur Kabarak University, Kenya



chartered christian universities, cultures, student retention


This study sought to address the Relationship between Discipline Cultures and Students' Retention in Chartered Christian Universities in Kenya. The study was based on the Students' Integration Theory by Tinto (1993) and the Cultural Model of Educational Management by Bush (2011). The descriptive survey research design was adopted. The study found that religious cultures were related to student retention (r=0.482; p=0.000). The study recommends that chartered Christian universities in Kenya take advantage of their religious cultures and develop policies to strengthen the existing cultures as they develop new ones. The study recommends further that the Ministry of Education develop policies that could facilitate student retention and review the existing guidelines on students' retention in institutions of higher learning in Kenya and beyond. In addition, studies are recommended in other Christian universities that did not start as theological colleges and other private universities in public universities to establish the relationship between religious cultures and student retention.


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Kitur, J. K. (2022). Relationship between discipline cultures and students’ retention in chartered christian Universities in Kenya. Editon Consortium Journal of Educational Management and Leadership, 3(1), 181–198.