A Review of the History of the Kalenjin Bible Translation

  • Shadrack Chebet Rotich Kabarak University, Kenya
Keywords: Bible translation, Kalenjin people, dialects.


This paper is a review of the history of the Kalenjin bible translation in Kenya. History has proved that the word of God both in verbal and in written form has made a visible practical impact in the Kalenjin community in her whole spheres of life: spiritually, socially, intellectually, morally, and economically. Christianity is not to be hidden or made complicated rather it should be accessible and available to all people as Sim in 1999 points out that “Christianity is open to the translation of its scriptures” (p.130) for everyone to be able to read and understand. In order for us to know more about God, he purposefully revealed himself to us through the Holy Scriptures. The Kalenjin people are among the people of God, and they too want to relate and fellowship with God. Hence, we should have the scriptures in their language and more so their dialect.  This research paper was based on an interview from Pastor Edwin Suter, who is currently involved in Kalenjin Bible translation based in Eldoret (BTL). Therefore, in this paper, I will briefly explain about the Kalenjin people, an overview of the history of the translation of Kalenjin Bible, some factors necessitating translation, the impacts and finally conclude by giving some recommendations.