Examining the Homosexual Worldview and its Implications for African Religious Contexts

  • Shadrack Chebet Rotich
Keywords: Homosexuality, homosexual worldview, sociocultural implications


This study's purpose is to help individual Christians and church, in general, to critically examine the homosexual worldview that is forcefully advancing against the biblical worldview and the potential threats it poses to the sanctity of human life and sexuality. Homosexuality is no longer a secret issue in this generation.  It has invaded the social, cultural and religious circus.  It is high time for the church to study, expose and confront this evil.  Any compromise will cause the church to lose its ethos and headed for peril.  Edward T. Welch, in his booklet on Homosexuality; Speaking the truth in love, acknowledges that “homosexuality is the hot issue of the day even more than abortion” (Welch, 2000). This study is of benefit to all religious organisations that subscribe to Christian biblical values.