Ascertaining Prayer as a Means of Spiritual Growth.

  • Evans M. Ooga Adventist University of Africa, Theological Seminary, Kenya.


This study is based on prayer as means of spiritual growth in the Nakuru South Seventh-Day Adventist church. It is based on mixed methods of research design. It utilizes both qualitative and quantitative methods of research. The findings on this study indicated that prayer is a fundamental aspect of a believer’s spiritual growth. Living a prayerful life is a sign that one has an existing relationship with God and vice versa. As God responds to the prayers, believers in turn are motivated. The study ascertained that prayer was an essential means of spiritual growth, where a mean score of 3.769 was obtained. The study recommended that the clergy and church leadership needs to encourage, train, educate and instruct believers daily and regularly on prayer even in their homes. Furthermore, the church should form small prayer groups for purposes of praying together; hence this will nurture and mentor members more than in a large group.