Reasons making newly baptized members relapse into alcoholism


  • Azaria O Otula Adventist University of Africa Theological Seminary, Kenya
  • Tom Ogal
  • Jongimpi Papu
  • David Odhiambo
  • Robert Osei-Bonsu



alcoholism, newly baptized, relapse


This study focused on determining why newly baptized members relapse into alcoholism. The study examines Biblical principles of mentoring and reviews related literature to develop a strategy for recovering alcohol addicts in the church. In addition, the study investigates the reasons why they relapse to drinking after baptism. To solve the problem, the researcher used a mixed research method, which is a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. This involved digging into concepts, characteristics, symbols, and descriptions. This approach gave the researcher sufficient opportunity to delve into possible solutions to the research questions as to what reasons make newly baptized members to relapse into alcoholism. The mixed-method helped the researcher gain a more complete picture of the research than the stand-alone quantitative and qualitative methods. The addicts gave true reasons why they left the church after baptism, there is no special program for them after and before baptism, how the church members handle them was a problem to them, they also have their weaknesses, which come from the environment like the availability of alcohol, peer pressure, the unresolved issues and others. Since this problem is a global problem, there is a need to open Rehabilitation centres where the addicts can be nurtured after baptism or before they are baptized for the church to meet their needs through training them in the rehabilitation centres.


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Otula, A. O., Ogal, T., Papu, J., Odhiambo, . D., & Osei-Bonsu, R. (2023). Reasons making newly baptized members relapse into alcoholism. Editon Consortium Journal of Psychology, Guidance and Counseling, 4(1), 279–289.