Mass-Mediated Feminist Scholarship failure in Africa: Normalised Body-Objectification as Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Michael M Ndonye Department of Mass Communication; Kabarak University, Kenya
Keywords: Mass-Mediated, Feminist Scholarship, Normalized, Body-Objectification, Artificial Intelligence


Mass media culture and its role in defining, inculcating and shaping sexual orientation of a society cannot be gainsaid. In this paper, the mass-mediated western feminist scholarship failure in Africa is interrogated in the wake of Sex Robots such as ‘Samantha.’ The argument is that these sex robots function to normalise woman body objectification. The study aims to anchor on Pan African project perspective and the ontological formulation of the African woman as human-being deserving her voice concerning her experiences with patriarchal social structures. The mass media, in its romanticisation of western feminist scholarship denies African woman this voice. There are four fundamental questions central to this paper: 1) what are the epistemological foundations of western feminist scholarship in patriarchal Africa? 2) What is the political economy of western feminist scholarship in sex robotics in Africa? 3) Can sex robots fill the western-feminist-scholarship-born inorganic sexist relation in Africa? And 4) what alternative framework is fit for African woman transformation and emancipation project? The study analyses the feminist scholarship from the past, present and future to give possible solutions to challenges and failures of the strategy toward woman emancipation and transformative agenda in Africa and the developing world.