Challenges, Responses and Prospects for Post COVID-19 Higher Education Management in Kenya.

  • Dr Simon Kipchumba. Kabarak University, Kenya.
Keywords: Responses, prospects, covid-19 pandemic, higher education, management.


This article explores the prospect for higher education management post Covid-19 in Kenya. This article therefore tries to tackle two objectives: to find out how higher education institutions in Kenya responded to the Covid-19 pandemic and to predict how higher education management in Kenya will look like post-Covid-19. The authors adopted Kurt Lewin’s 1947 change management model. The theory recognizes that when organisation is faced with a challenge, it has to undergo three stages of change (unfreeze, transition and refreeze). This theory was used to understand the transition that institutions of higher learning had to undergo in order to adopt ways of surviving in the new normal. Descriptive research design was used in this study in which data was collected from the archives regarding the way institutions of higher learning in Kenya and elsewhere responded to Covid-19 pandemic. As such, archival retrieval and exploration of existing literature on Covid-19 response was obtained. The collected data was put in themes and through triangulation and predictions were made and conclusion drawn. The findings of this study add to the increasing literature on Covid-19 pandemic and specifically contribute to the impact of Covid-19 pandemic to higher education sector.