Influence of Gambling on the Psychological Wellness of Young People in Njokerio Village of Nakuru County in Kenya.

  • Teresia Njonge; Thomas K. Ronoh (1)(2)Egerton University, Kenya.
Keywords: Addiction, psychological well-being, gambling, counselling.


This study investigated the influence of gambling on the psychological wellness of young people in Njokerio Village of Nakuru County in Kenya. It targeted youthful rural Kenyan population in relation to gambling activities they are engaging in, the reasons for gambling, their attitudes to gambling, and the financial and psychological well-being consequences of gambling. A cross-sectional survey was carried out among 292 youth living in the Njoro sub-county in Kenya’s larger Nakuru County. The data was collected using two questionnaires developed based on the three objectives of the study. The questionnaires included items that measured symptoms of gambling disorder and emotions associated with gambling how the betting influences them psychologically. A Likert scale was used in measuring the symptoms of gambling disorder Gambling was previously seen as a form of entertainment, but slowly people are using gambling to escape from their problems, for instance, to avoid loneliness and bereavement. Suicidal rates have also increased when one cannot come to terms with the losses they suffer after taking chances with something of greater value and ends up losing it. Gambling has also contributed to relationship breakups among friends and families. In addition, there is a strain on financial responsibilities as one is not able to budget well for their needs. There is a need to put measures and techniques to regulate gambling due to its psychological, financial, social and physical effects through licensing and taxation of companies that offer gambling sites. Interventions including counselling may help those already affected to recover.